Our impact on the environment and on society

More than 1 million trips by train and bus every day mean that NS has a major impact on society in the Netherlands: in mobility, safety, emissions and expenditure. We express the positive and negative environmental and socioeconomic effects on our surroundings in euros in order to present a transparent picture of the breakdown and scale of this social impact.

Our impact in a nutshell

The diagram below shows developments over the past two years and the relative scale of the social impact. Our social impact has improved in virtually all areas. Passengers travelled 350 million kilometres more by train in 2016 compared with 2015, which means that our positive social impact on mobility and safe travel with respect to cars has improved once again. Because trains were running on 73% wind energy in 2016, our environmental impact also improved while measures helped reduce the negative impact of time spent travelling in packed trains. Because of a fatal accident involving a railway worker, the negative impact of the safety of travelling by train increased.