Protecting privacy

The operations of NS involve extensive data processing, innovative technology and collaborative ventures in which personal data is exchanged. NS bears responsibility for ensuring that the personal data is processed in the appropriate manner. This responsibility is all the greater given the position and role of NS as a large company at the heart of society. In accordance with the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act and the Code, the Executive Board of NS bears ultimate responsibility for full compliance with the applicable privacy legislation.
The processing of personal data has to meet increasingly stringent requirements. For this reason, the NS privacy policy was recalibrated and strengthened in the year under review. Some key aspects of this are a firmer assignment of tasks and authorisations within the organisation, strengthening the role of the business units, regular training and a focus on raising awareness, the establishment of a reporting system and an intensification of internal oversight. This approach lets NS remain in control of the wide range of privacy issues that play a role within the company.