Staff engagement

In 2016, NS staff took part in the biennial Employee Engagement Survey. 61% of the employees completed the questionnaire. A striking result is that the satisfaction score has remained the same at 7.3 (2014: 7.3) despite the many affairs within and around NS (2014: 7.3). Work at the employee’s business unit scored 7.6. Unfortunately inappropriate behaviour among colleagues increased in 2016. This led to the development of a ‘toolbox for inappropriate behaviour’, that managers can use to give the worst performing teams aids for interventions. The toolbox was ready for use at the end of the year.
The Employee Engagement Survey report can be used to make specific agreements on targeted improvements down to the level of the individual team.. Managers have since initiated 1,300 actions. In 2017, HR will monitor the extent to which the actions have been carried out.