2017 timetable

The timetable for 2017 has been completely redesigned and brings a lot of changes. The train journeys of almost all passengers will be affected, ranging from small changes in departure times through to other routes, more or fewer changes and different connections. Partly due to the completion of new infrastructure, NS will be running more trains in 2017 on various routes, utilising the HSL more efficiently, improving connections, resolving bottlenecks and making journey times shorter. Travelling to and from Friesland will be quicker. We also be reducing journey times between Arnhem and Nijmegen and between Noord-Brabant and Rotterdam. Together with our partners, we are working on better international connections to e.g. Düsseldorf, Aachen, Antwerp and Liège. NS has not been able to improve the timetable for all passengers. On some routes, passengers will have longer journeys or extra changeovers. For example, the journey time between Vlissingen and Rotterdam is longer because the Intercity train from Zeeland will wait longer in Roosendaal to gain 10 minutes of journey time for passengers to Brabant.