Employment mobility is given a prime position before, during and after organisational changes such as in the ‘Journey Information’ and ‘Adjusting and Controlling the Future’ programmes. Agreements from the Social Plan also encourage mobility, as do the statements in the collective labour agreement about long-term employability. For instance, in 2016 NS followed up on the collective labour agreement by implementing the Career Voucher. Employees can use this voucher, worth 750 euros, to take part in individual programmes and group training focused on personal development in their current job or future career.

In addition to assisting its employees in reintegration, when they become surplus to requirements or in outplacement, NS is also helping an increasing number of staff who want to get a better picture of their options for the future. In 2016, more than 750 staff took up the offer of help and advice from the Careers Advice department. We also revamped the products and services on offer in 2016.

Two franchises that used to be operated by NS have been awarded to Arriva and Syntus. Top priority was given to the smooth transition for the NS employees, who had on average been working for NS for some considerable time. The managers and HR staff involved ensured that this went well.