Leadership at NS

People in leading positions at critical places in NS need to be effective and flexible if they are to be able to improve operational and financial performance. They also need an exemplary moral compass with regard to integrity and ethics. The operational managers are important, as are the 190 senior managers in positions that have a major impact on performance from the perspective of passengers and in operations.
We are investing selectively in developing the current leaders and moving them onwards and upwards, as well as preparing the future leaders. We have a picture of the internal successors for both the longer and shorter term. Of the twelve appointments last year to top-50 positions, 75% have come from the internal succession planning.

Leadership development

We offer customised support and in-company leadership programmes to help staff with promotion potential to make their next career move. In 2016, the second edition of our international leadership programme Navigator started. Participants in this programme have been appointed to successor positions for a top-50 position.
In 2016, 66 trainees took part in the trainee programme for operational management, IT, procurement, technology and finance. In the sector, our trainee programme has been voted the most appealing traineeship. The number of former trainees now working in a key position is nine. Last year there were five.

Team development

In 2016, NS trained twelve internal team coaches. They teach teams to work together better and more effectively. These team coaches help us to save considerably on external expenditure, actively learn from and with one another within the organisation and increase the effectiveness of our teams. In 2016, 25 teams worked with a team coach.