Strategic themes

NS will achieve the above primary objectives for 2019 by focusing on eight strategic themes. Activities, projects and programmes have been clustered within these themes and linked to quantifiable objectives.

  1. Attractive physical offering: our passengers will be offered a rail service that meets their requirements by giving them a seamless and robust door-to-door journey, in cooperation with our partners

  2. Optimising the customer experience: the journey experience of every passenger will be optimised in terms of the passengers’ key requirements (being in control, freedom, respect) by providing a valuable product and personal and intuitive service

  3. Performance of HSL South: we will deliver a reliable HSL South service for our passengers by paying continuous attention to all the steps in the existing service and introducing new attractive services in a robust way

  4. Perfect execution: our basic performance for passengers will improve continuously through fixed-role execution, in accordance with plans, fast decision-making and responsive journey information during disruptions, and continuous improvements to the execution

  5. New and upgraded rolling stock: our passengers will see more seating and experience more comfort due to the smooth introduction and effective deployment of new and upgraded rolling stock in the service

  6. Organisational improvement: NS will develop into a more dynamic and result-oriented organisation with effective leadership that acts in accordance with the agreed standards and values

  7. World-class stations: all passengers will enjoy top-quality facilities at our stations, ensuring a pleasant experience and optimum use of their time

  8. Abellio - prepare, learn & earn: Dutch passengers will benefit because NS will learn from its international activities.